Best foot forward

Last year, I had major knee surgery. I had two arthroscopies, a bone graft and stem cell transplantation (cells were taken from my hip and transplanted into my knee in order to grow new cartilage). Almost nine months after my last operation, things are looking good. My cartilage has started to grow back, my once limp-noodle leg is strong and I can walk. In heels.


I’m 5 ft 8 inches so I don’t wear heels to look tall. I wear them because I love the shape of them; how they create the illusion of long, Amazonian-like legs and how they can transform any outfit in an instant.

Not being allowed to wear heels for over a year has been a struggle. Not life-threatening I realise, but I have missed them. I have lived in trainers and biker boots so I’m very happy that I’m allowed to totter again. Now, going from flats to skyscrapers after a year-long hiatus is a bonkers idea. But what I can do is wear mid heels. And these ankle-tie heeled sandals from H&M are just the pair.

Just look at them.

The 9cm heel adds oomph while the block shape provides a sturdy base. Pretty, unusual and practical, you can wear them two ways; wrap the ankle-ties around your legs for mega glamour or around your ankles for something a little more subtle.

Ankle-tie sandals, H&M, £34.99




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