I’ve got a question. Why doesn’t Mildreds have an apostrophe? One would assume Mildred is a person and therefore requires the apostrophe to show us that this her gaff, goddammit. Maybe Mildreds isn’t named after a person. Or maybe it doesn’t like punctuation. It is, after all, fashionable to forgo a comma and cast capital letters to one side in favour of lines of little letters. Much to my confusion.

Anyway. Punctuation aside, I went to Mildreds in King’s Cross last week. It was my fourth visit to Mildreds but my first to the one in King’s Cross. Founded in Soho during the late 1980s, a time when ready-meals were de rigueur and a vegetarian meal meant an omelette, it offered something exciting to an audience desperate for something new. Serving colourful, delicious vegetarian dishes made with fresh ingredients, it thrived. And it continues to thrive today.

Now I like meat. It’s no secret that a beef burger is one of my favourite meals, however, I like vegetarian food, too. The menu at Mildreds is brilliant. It’s packed with variety and there are so many things that I wanted to try –  even the most ardent carnivore would struggle to complain.

I ordered the Sri Lankan sweet potato and green bean curry with roasted lime cashews, pea basmati rice and coconut tomato sambal while my friend ordered the halloumi burger with chargrilled aubergine, rocket, red onion, harissa and tahini served with sweet potato fries. The curry was lovely. It was warm and fragrant; the sweet potatoes were soft and flavoursome and the roasted lime cashews were crunchy, tangy and brought the dish together. The burger was just as tasty; a hearty ciabatta roll filled with salty, smoky flavours. And those sweet potato fries… oh my.

Do be prepared to wait as it gets really busy and you can’t book ahead.

Mildreds, 200 Pentonville Road, King’s Cross, London N1 9JP

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