How to cover a scar

Behind every scar is a tale; a tale of bravery, trauma or stupidity. My latest addition is a long red and purple line that runs down the middle of my leg – my prize for enduring five hours of knee surgery last August. I’m going to be a bridesmaid soon and my dress has a big split that perfectly showcases it so I’ve been hard at work devising Plan Cover-up. To my surprise, it’s really easy to cover a scar. No matter how big or angry said scar is.

You’ll need these three makeup bag essentials which, handily, can be used on your face for non-scar related beautifying.

NIVEA MEN Sensitive Post Shave BalmStep 1: Primer

Any primer will do the job. Well, any makeup primer that is. Don’t go splashing Dulux Wood Primer on your skin. I use NIVEA MEN Sensitive Post Shave Balm. Discovered by beauty vlogger NikkieTutorials when she ran out of moisturiser while at her boyfriend’s, it contains glycerine which creates a tacky layer in which the foundation sticks to. Pour a little over the scarred area, rub it in and leave it to dry for a few minutes.

Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 12.36.41Step 2: Colour corrector

This is where the magic happens. Take a look at your scar, decide what colour it is and then pick a corresponding colour corrector (see below). Mine is red and purple so I use a green colour corrector. I love the Urban Decay Naked Skin range but Max Factor’s Colour Corrector Sticks are also good. If you have a few colours to correct, go for a palette – the Sleep Makeup Colour Corrector Palette is a brilliant buy.

What colour?

ζ Lilac – Cancels out yellow tones on light skin or dark circles on medium skin
ζ Peach – Conceals blue and purple on medium and dark skin
ζ Yellow – Neutralises purple and blue on all skin types
ζ Pink – Conceals blue on fair skin
ζ Green – Cancels out red and purple on fair and medium skin

Liberally blob the corrector all over the scar and then blend it in with your fingers or a blending sponge. If you can still see colour underneath, apply another layer.

Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 12.37.45Step 3: Foundation

The colour corrector should have cancelled out any discolouration so the foundation will simply even everything out. A heavy coverage is better but use what you have. Nars Sheer Glow Foundation is my favourite foundation as it gives you a natural, even tone that you can build. Simply dot it over your scar and blend it in using your fingers or a blending sponge.

That’s it. No more scar. Here’s mine.




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