Pink AF

A crises can do strange things to a person. Whether it’s a job loss, a break-up or life just gave you a fuckload of lemons, a natural reaction to having your world being turned upside down is to change something – usually your hair. When you’re not of a sound mind, your hair is the last thing you should change. Buying a new lipstick is a much better option. It’s less drastic and much cheaper.

I recently hit a bumpy patch. Actually, no… it didn’t get bumpy. The smooth path I was leisurely strolling along turned into Tough Mudder. I’m not a fan of endurance tests so I definitely didn’t sign myself up for it. I could see the life I wanted glistening away in the far distance yet in front of me yet I had a field of mud quicksand to get through first.

I don’t want to do that, I thought. I want to dye my hair red first. Red hair = powerful woman. Look at Donna in Suits. Give her a crisis and she just smooths down her perfectly pressed wiggle dress and knows what to do.

No, no no. Liz Taylor once said that when life gets tough you should ‘Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together’. She didn’t say dye your hair red and then cry because nothing in your wardrobe goes with your new hue. So instead of red hair, which frankly is a nightmare to keep red, I give you pink lips.

Bold, sexy and fun, pink lipstick is an easy way to transform your look. Less obvious than red (lipstick) and easier to pull off than burgundy, it’s both girly and edgy at the same time.




MAC’s Pink Nouveau is the perfect Barbie pink. I have a natural yellow tint to my teeth so I have to be careful with pink lipstick (it can make them look really yellow). This lipstick has a blue base which makes your teeth look whiter. It’s creamy with a satin finish and lasts quite a long time which is handy if you’re about to embark on an assault course with no time for touch-ups…

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 11.41.53

Pink Nouveau Satin Lipstick, MAC Cosmetics, £16.50

Images: Pinterest

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