Non-Christmas Christmas jumpers

There was a time when a Christmas jumper was worn only by your grandad. Then it became a hipster staple and, like most ironic, fashion statements, the garish, lary knitted garment became essential wear for all. I’m not against a Christmas jumper. I simply prefer something a little more chic, darling.  These jumpers are glitzy, sparkly and they’re not just for Christmas.


There is so much I love about this jumper. It’s grey, it has big sleeves and it’s covered in beautiful, multicoloured sequins. I would definitely wear this all year round. Insert double heart emoji.

Sweater with coloured sequins, Zara, £39.99

Topshop jumper

I think this would take you through the festive season and beyond. It’s quite a snug fit so will look smart, the tiny colourful jewels add glamour and it’s a jumper so you could wear it with jeans and trainers to the pub.

Christmas jewelled jumper, Topshop, £59.99


This jumper has it all going on. Mohair, big sequins… and a semi-sheer finish. Va Va Vooooom!

Sequins, mohair and wool sweater, & Other Stories, £79


Yes, that is a metallic fringe which looks like tinsel. It’s not red or green or gold so it still counts as a non-Christmas jumper.

ASOS jumper with metallic fringe detail, ASOS, £38


This is a classic festive jumper that just won’t date. As well as being spangly and totally covered in sequins, it’s also very versatile and could be worn with pretty much anything.

Sequin disc jumper, Warehouse, £46


Main image: rawpixel 



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