Crystal healing

Not that long ago, I was going through what one would call a shit time. Everything had gone wrong. Everything was alright one minute and the next minute, it had turned into a big pile of crap. Now, we all know things don’t go wrong as such. They change. Everything is temporary and everything changes. Situations change. We win. We lose. We close doors. We open new ones. And while change is fundamental in getting us to where it is we need to go, it can be incredibly difficult.

In the midst of a particularly painful transition, I was feeling stressed, low and, well, frazzled. I Googled ‘How to embrace change’ and soon found myself lying on a massage table with crystals dotted over my body, the smell of burning sage wafting in the air and a pair of warm hands hovering over my forehead.

‘Your chakras are out of balance’, my reiki practitioner informed me.

After an hour of hand-hovering, I left feeling calm and relaxed. Honestly, it was brilliant. I immediately went out and bought a clear quartz necklace and a bunch of sage leaves in the hope of prolonging this new-found serenity for as long as possible.

Reiki is a Japanese practice which has been around since the early 20th century. It works on the notion that we all have energy which flows through our body via seven chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown). Each chakra provides energy to a specific area of the body. Negative emotions can cause blockages in the chakras which in turn disrupts your energy flow and general mood.

Reiki can help to heal the blockages and thus restore the energy flow. There are lots of different types of reiki, each one involving a patient lying down fully clothed while the practitioner places her hands on or above the body, starting at the head (crown chakra), and working down to the feet (root chakra), restoring and balancing energy along the way.

Some healers use crystals in conjunction with hand movements. Crystals are placed over various parts of the body in order to draw out negative energy. As well as being used in reiki you can use wear them, hang them up on your home (usually by a window so light can shine through) or simply carry them around to promote natural healing.

There are loads of different crystals, each with their own properties. Apparently, you’re supposed to use your instinct when choosing one and you will be drawn to the one your body needs the most. If your gut isn’t guiding you, then pick one that relates to what you think you need or the chakra you feel is out of balance (see below). I personally love crystals on necklaces so I have rounded up my favourites. If you think it’s all a load of bollocks, they’re actually really beautiful pieces of jewellery – whether they contain magical healing powers or not.

ζ Amethyst, white jade or clear quartz. Purple or clear crystals are associated with the crown chakra (top of the head) and they help to inspire, enlighten and connect.
ζ Aquamarine, blue kyanite or azurite. Blue and blue-green crystals are used for the throat chakra and bring honesty, communication and healing.
ζ Rose quartz, emerald or jade. Green and pink crystals are for the heart chakra and help to help with blockages related to love, emotions and relationships. 
ζ Yellow jade, citrine or yellow jasper. Yellow and golden crystals are for the solar plexus chakra (stomach) and help to promote courage, empowerment and willpower. 
ζ Amber, citrine or topaz. Orange crystals are associated with the sacral chakra (navel) and help with creativity, sexuality and passion.  
ζ Ruby, garnet or red jasper. Red crystals help to balance the root chakra (spine) and help to keep you grounded and protected and can also help to boost confidence.


A blue kyanite wrapped in copper on an adjustable string; it promotes and healing and helps you to remember your dreams. It can be used to help you strengthen your voice.

Bluebell necklace, Amy Rose Crystal Jewellery, £38


This rose quartz cylinder-shaped crystal has been designed to be worn close to your heart. It emits strong vibrations of love, joy, warmth and healing.

Rose Quartz Cylinder Pendant Necklace, Wolf and Badger, £89


A stunning pendant (chain sold separately) that encompasses three precious crystals. Yellow tourmaline helps to boost self-esteem; pink tourmaline relieves stress while blue tourmaline helps to release old patterns.

Tourmaline Slice Pendant, VenusRox, £250


Available as a choker or adjustable necklace, this clear quartz necklace promotes patience and positivity. This pretty crystal is perfect for everyday wear.

Snowdrop clear quartz necklace, Amy Rose Crystal Jewellery, £32


A semi-precious red jasper pendulum on a gold plated chain. A bold stone that promotes gentleness, comfort and relaxation.

Wanderlust Jasper Halo Pendulum Necklace, Rock n Rose, £19


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