Mellow yellow

Buying a new sofa is a big deal.

It’s the biggest decision you’ll make in your life. OK, I’m exaggerating but it’s probably the most used piece of furniture in your home.

You watch the telly on it. You sleep on it. You eat on it. Everyone who comes into your home sits on it. The cat lives on it. When you’ve had a knee operation and you’re non-weight-bearing for six weeks, you live on. Purchasing a sofa can’t be taken lightly.

There are lots of sofas to choose from. There are big, cosy ones that swallow you up, legs and all. There are those posh velvet ones with curved backs and a stud finish. There are ones that are so gigantic that they’d be no room for anything else – you’d just have a sofa for a living room. There are L-shaped ones; U-shaped ones; ones with legs and ones with beds. Honestly, there are so many fucking sofas.

And to make things even more confusing they come in every colour and material possible. I mean, you can have a blue whale corduroy sofa if you wanted to.

My advice for picking a sofa is to write a detailed list of everything you need from it. Then completely ignore said list and pick one that you just like.

Like this little ray of sunshine from Made.

It doesn’t look that cosy but I won’t sleep on it. That’s what my bed is for. I want to sit on it. And I want it to fill the room with joy. Which it definitely will. Just look at that yellow. And those cute little legs. This is the dream sofa.

It comes with two seats or three and has a choice of ten colours. I’m sticking to yellow, though. Maybe it’s because we’re having a horrendous winter that keeps coming back for more. Or maybe it’s because it’s just so cheery. It’s like a sofa version of Anthea Turner, only cooler.

Known by Jonah amongst her sofa buddies, it was actually one of Made’s first-ever designs and recently had a re-vamp. Apparently, it’s comfier and has ‘integrated cushioning’, whatever that means. Anyway, all that matters is that this is THE sofa. And it’s not that expensive. It’s not cheap but it’s not over a grand like most sofas today.

Jonah 3 Seater Sofa in Sulphur Velvet, Made, £699


Jonah2  Jonah3


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