Bright whites

White trainers are a wardrobe essential. Not just any trainers though. They have to be the right pair. Those ‘ugly trainers‘ that are still in fashion won’t do. Have you seen them? They’re big, bulky and look like bubbles. Their only redeeming feature is that they are so gigantic, they make your legs look very slim.

The trainers I’m talking about are plimsoll-esque. Their profile is discreet and their vibe is classic. My favourites are Superga 2750 in white leather (see below). They’re so chic you can wear them with anything. They’re like a good hair day for your feet. Honestly, there’s nothing they don’t make look good.

If you don’t like Superga (I don’t know why you wouldn’t) then I’ve got three other pairs of simple trainers that’ll probably go with anything, too.



2750 trainers, Superga, £65


Old Skool trainers, Vans, £60


Chuck Taylor Canvas Low-top trainers, Converse, £55


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